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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

That's it, it's war

I've finally had enough. I'm declaring war on the squirrels! That's right, I said war. Yes, they may look so cuddly and cute. And yes, they may be fun to watch flying from tree to tree. And yes, they may act so sweet and innocent when they beg for food on campus. But today they crossed the line.

I'm talking about the broken bird feeder I found this morning with a big, fat, hungry squirrel sitting on top of it scarfing down the last few morsels of bird seed. Bird seed that I put out for the birds, not for the squirrels. Hey, I don't mind the occasional squirrel grabbing a quick bite to eat from the feeder. That's to be expected. Who could blame them? But to chew through the string so the feeder plummets to the ground just to turn it in to an all-you-can-eat feeding frenzy is just plain wrong. It's wrong, I tell you.

Between the tomatoes I worked so hard for and the broken bird feeder I lovingly put up this weekend, I officially declare war on the squirrels. My first act was to unleash the ferocious beast, Audrey, on them. --- She is actually a terrible guard dog. The only way she would prevent an intruder is to lick them to death. --- This sent the chubby squirrel scampering up the nearest tree, and it wasn't until a while after we went back in the house that it decided to show it's face again at the scene of the crime. That'll teach 'em.

I guess the next thing to do is to buy some super-duper, heavy-duty, extra-strength rope to hang the feeder back up. The squirrels will probably be back and will no doubt be more determined than ever after the sweet taste of victory, but I still have hope that despite the squirrels' efforts, the feeder might attract a few more birds to watch. Here's to the birds. I'm there for you. And so is Audrey.

Get 'em, Audrey! Get 'em!


Anonymous Sara said...

That little punk!!

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Jenni leder said...

maybe you should put some hot spicy stuff on the rope incase those pesky squirrel try their little trick again!

although i did read that they hate the smell of pine sol

1:03 PM  

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