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Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't spend it all in one place

This morning Nathan noticed an unusual deposit into our checking account for the sum total of $1. "Hmmm....", he thought, "1 dollar?!?" Then he remembered --- it was our tax refund from the IRS. "We're rich!" he laughs, and I reply "time to go shopping!" Apparently, we slightly miscalculated our estimated taxes last year and when we filed we found we were off by exactly $1.

Nathan joked that "we shouldn't spend it all in one place." But how can you spend $1 in several places? Our friend, Timmie, suggested that we go to the bank, get the dollar in 4 quarters, drive to 4 different gas stations, and buy a 25 cent gumball from each one. "$1 worth of gumballs and $2 worth of gas," he quipped. Sweet.


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