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Saturday, November 04, 2006

All work and no play

I feel like one of the kids that couldn't go out to play for recess. Instead, I just have to sit and work and try to ignore everyone else playing football just outside the window enjoying the beautiful day...

I'm at the annual "Molecular Biophysics Training Retreat" this weekend. (I feel like a nerd just saying it.) For school, I do some research in computational biology. Every year we get together with the other professors and students at A&M that also work on biochemistry and biophysics and go to Camp Allen for a weekend "retreat". Basically, we just sit in lectures all day long given by some of the students.

This year I escaped this responsibility and another student from my research group is giving a lecture. So while I don't have to prepare a presentation, I do have to help him practice his. Which ordinarily I wouldn't mind one bit, except that we get an hour and a half of free time (a.k.a. recess) in the afternoon and that is the exact time that my professor elected to practice the student's presentation. So while I sit here listening to his talk, I'm watching everyone else play football just outside the window.


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