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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just like Christmas morning

All day today, Nathan and I waited in anticipation for a big brown truck. Not just any brown truck, mind you, but a UPS truck bearing lots of fun toys to play with. Okay, okay, it was bringing some new scuba equipment we ordered this week, but come on, we all know scuba equipment are just toys in disguise with fancy looking knobs, dials, and shiny things. Here is what the wonderful truck brought us this afternoon (BTW, I just love ordering things online because it is so much fun to get packages in the mail!):

Nathan and I are taking a scuba diving vacation (this time tomorrow, in fact, we'll be in the air and headed to our tropical island paradise, Bonaire!), and we had to stock up on a few items. You know, you can't just take a vacation willy-nilly; you have to be prepared.

We each got new (matching) neoprene booties with better, thicker soles (since Bonaire is basically one big coral reef and the beaches can be a bit bumpy) and two dive lights, a primary and a secondary --- you wouldn't want your main dive light to get lonely now would you? Nathan's special item was a "hydroalloy" (super-Ninja) dive knife. Totally necessary for looking cool (think James Bond) and defending against possible attack from hungry popcorn shrimp and damselfish of course! My special items were an underwater writing slate and a compass. Curiously enough, I have been designated the Navigator, a position I hope to keep at least past one dive if I can only figure out how to keep that dang compass from wobbling about every time I turn... just kidding!

I hope my next blog post finds me sipping a colorful tropical drink and wiggling my toes in the sand. :) Here's to vacations, they are absolutely wonderful!


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