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Sunday, November 12, 2006

She's at her fighting weight

That's what the dog trainer said to me last Thursday night in our agility class. (I didn't fall down this time!) Quite a different comment than six months ago when the vet called her "a full figured gal". We've been working really hard on her weight: making sure we measure how much we feed her and seeing that she gets plenty of exercise. We are lucky that her favorite thing to do is play frisbee!

I admit right here and now that I'm a nerd. I thought it would be interesting to track her progress through the whole weight-loss thing. I guess that's not that nerdy, but then I decided to graph it in Excel. Yep, I'm a nerd. A really big nerd. Anyway, here is a chart of her progress. It's been amazingly steady. Why can't it be that steady for us? (Probably because Audrey doesn't really have a choice in the matter.)


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